Announcing Dardania Ventures

We’re excited to announce the launch of Dardania Ventures — an early-stage VC fund empowering innovative ideas of exceptional founders.

How Dardania Ventures Got Started

Equipped with entrepreneurial background including companies that have gone public and been sold into the Fortune 500, technical expertise, the right connections, a fully operating tech company available on demand (HybridValley), and most importantly, a passion for innovation, the idea of founding a VC firm came naturally to Albion Calaj.

This idea turned into a plan when he met David Hendren, a veteran VC and entrepreneurial leader with extensive experience launching, financing, and building successful ventures from incubation to exit. He’s led, co-invested, and executed deals with leading firms and strategics, with exits including IPO, M&A, and technology licensing transactions ($100M investments, $1B+ exits).

On a conversation with him on how the two collaborate considering their different backgrounds, he shares:

There are ways in which Albi and I are very similar, and there are ways in which our experiences are very different in a complementary way. We both approach things from different sorts of technical backgrounds. He is smart, knowledgeable, and has an extraordinary level of ability to see opportunity, potential, and problems that need to be solved. Albi’s ego is almost non-existent, making him a terrific collaborator and leading to a very seamless exchange of ideas in a way that there’s really no pride of authorship.

Our alignment is focused on being honest and transparent in how we see and deal with things, having impeccable integrity in process, communicating well, and making decisions well — in a way that is disciplined and considered with rigorous dialogue and analysis. However, you need to bring a level of humor and optimism to the table because that’s part of making things worthwhile and enhancing the culture of the ecosystem around you.

Where We Focus

We focus on market areas where our team’s expertise, networks, and ability to add value provide distinct advantages and create leverage. The main ones are:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Digital Health
  • Cybersecurity
  • Fintech
  • Automation

Why Early Stage

Quote of Albion Calaj on why he likes investing in early stage
Quote of Albion Calaj on why he likes investing in early stage
Albion Calaj on why he likes investing in early stage

Dardania Ventures evolved out of HybridValley, a high-performing tech company, where $3B of direct enterprise value was created from the Software Development and R&D efforts for 50+ global clients.

As such, Dardania’s foundation brings a third pillar of high value to our portfolio companies — Technology, Strategy & Acceleration Expertise — which helps supercharge the success of venture-backed companies in today’s fast-moving environment. So, part of why we look to invest and co-create at the early stage is because of this unique combination of resources we have. We want to share our knowledge, expertise, and operational capabilities in all the first steps of building a product, including building a team, product development, and helping with a go-to-market strategy.

What Makes Dardania Different

So, what makes us different are the very things that made us establish Dardania Ventures in the first place:

  • We have founder experience from inception to successful IPO or M&A exit
  • We have a unique lens into markets that enables us to see and understand things others don’t
  • We have a strong and reliable network
  • We have a seasoned team with deep expertise in de-risking technology, product-market fit, and developing management teams
David Hendren’s take on investing and entrepreneurship success
David Hendren’s take on investing and entrepreneurship success
David Hendren‘s take on investing and entrepreneurship success

What Now?

We invite all interested investors to reach out to learn more and exceptional founders to get in touch to submit their plan or discuss their idea.

To learn more, visit!

Early-stage Venture Capital firm empowering innovative ideas of exceptional founders

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